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Who We Are

CEWEFIA was formed and inaugurated in March 1990 by Mrs. Victoria Churchill Koomson. The organization is a women- oriented NGO that operates in the Central and Western Regions of Ghana. It focuses on the implementation of integrated development programmes in its efforts to liberate the rural poor from oppression, eliminate hunger and economic injustice and build self-sufficiency and sustainable development. It puts special focus on the poor, rural fishmongers and women farmers, their families and communities.

What We Stand For

Our Vision

Our Mission

Improvement of the socio-economic status of rural women and well being of children and the community as a whole.

To empower rural women to improve upon their standard of living through sustainable integrated development projects and programmes.


Contact Us

B342 Bronyibima Estates, P O Box EL25, Elmina Central Region, Ghana

Phone: +233 244 278 377

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