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  • Jerry Koomson

CEWEFIA Commemorates World Day Against Child Labour

CEWEFIA (Center for the Welfare of Families in Fishing Communities) recently organized a momentous event in Ghana to mark World Day Against Child Labour. The gathering aimed to raise awareness and mobilize stakeholders in the fight against child labour in fishing communities, highlighting the need to protect the rights and well-being of children.

Highlights of the Event:

CEWEFIA, with support from USAID and as a grantee under the Ghana Fisheries Recovery Activity (GFRA), brought together traditional authorities, civil society organizations, government officials, and community members for the event. Key activities included:

1. Durbar: Respected individuals addressed the audience, stressing the detrimental effects of child labour and calling for collective action.

2. Debates: Students engaged in insightful debates, exploring the root causes of child labour and the roles of parents, communities, and society in combating it.

3. Drama Performances: Powerful storytelling through dramatic performances showcased the harsh realities faced by children in exploitative labour and inspired hope for a better future through education.

4. Keynote Addresses: Representatives from various sectors shared ongoing efforts, policies, and best practices in eradicating child labour, empowering participants to take action.

5. Cultural Performances: Indigenous cultural troupes conveyed the challenges faced by children through music, dance, and art, emphasizing the collective responsibility to protect their rights.

The Way Forward:

The event concluded with a resounding call to action, urging immediate measures, sustained awareness, and collaborative partnerships at all levels to address child labour in fishing communities.

CEWEFIA's event on World Day Against Child Labour in Ghana's fishing communities brought together stakeholders to amplify the need to end child labour. Through insightful discussions, powerful performances, and inspiring speeches, the event fostered awareness, collaboration, and a renewed commitment to protect vulnerable children. By working together, we can create a future where every child in Ghana thrives free from exploitative labour.

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