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Executive Director:  Mrs. Victoria Churchill Koomson


Born into a farming family of five girls in a rural village, Mrs. Koomson displayed leadership and organizational ability from an early age. When she was twelve, she mobilized rural adults whose crop of oranges was about to spoil. She organized alternative transportation and got the produce to market. After her mother's death, she played an adult role in her household even while going to school.

A graduate of a teacher training college, Mrs. Koomson taught home economics in primary schools for fifteen years and later served as a headmistress. During this time, she cultivated an interest in non-formal education and teacher training.

Mrs. Koomson's early rural background helps her identify with the challenges faced by other rural people, and she combines her interest in education with a strong interest in development issues. She joined the National Council on Women and Development in 1981. She founded the Central and Western Fishmongers Improvement Association in 1990.  For over 30 years she has been involved in helping women in the Central and Western regions of Ghana to establish small-scale industries and organize into farm producers and consumers' cooperatives.


Associate Director:  Mr. Jerry Benjamin Koomson
Associate Director:  Mr. Nicholas Kwesi Smith
Project Officer:  Ms. Josephine O. Addo
Part-time Project Officer:  Mr. Michael Takyi
Account Officer:  Ms. Deborah Antwi
Administrative Assistant:  Ms. Mary Ayerkwor

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