To liberate the rural poor from indignity and oppression of their knowledge, eliminate hunger and poverty, economic injustice and inferiority complex, illiteracy etc upholding their dignity, sense of belonging and ownership and build self-sufficiency and sustainable development.


(1) To help to improve the socio-economic status of rural poor especially fishmongers and women farmers and the well-being of their children and the rural community as a whole.
(2) To empower rural poor especially fishmongers and women farmers to be able to improve upon their standard of living through sustainable integrated developmental projects and programs.
(3) To help improve Fish and Agro processing in order to increase incomes of rural women and assure food security in Ghana.
(4) To mobilize and organize the fishmongers and women farmers into viable groups and cooperatives in its areas of operation.
(5) To build the capacity of female fish processors and women famers to increase fish and food production.
(6) To build the capacity of the fishmongers and women farmers by increasing their knowledge base in appropriate modern fish processing.
(7) To encourage fishmongers to engage in appropriate improved fish processing by using energy efficient and environmentally friendly fish smoking technology.
(8) To help improve the financial management and marketing skills of fishmongers and agro processors 
(9) To promote networking among fishmongers and women farmers
(10) To undertake community education to create awareness on environmental hygiene and sanitation 
(11) To educate fishmongers and women farmers to maintain a clean, safe and pleasant physical environment under which they work.
(12)  To promote functional literacy among rural women to free themselves from indignity and oppression of knowledge and from inferiority complex.
(13) To play an advocacy role on behalf of women on issues that affect their socio-economic status in society.
(14) To facilitate the improvement of Reproductive Health Rights among women and children   
(15) To help improve the nutritional status of rural women and their children 
(16) To play an advocacy role on young women and adolescent girls on their Reproductive Health Rights, Human Rights and other policies that affect their social economic status. 
(17) To promote and provide Vocational Skills training to girls and young women especially single- mothers and school drop-outs.
(18) To promote Early Childhood Development and Girl- Child Education.
(19)To research into issues affecting women and adolescent boys and girls in its project communities

TARGET POPULATION:  CEWEFIA works with women, Children, the Youth, Street Children, Commercial Sex Workers, PLHIV, PLAIDs, AIDs Orphans and Adolescents, Orphans, Women of reproductive age (WRA), Fishmongers, Women farmers, Single Parents and Mothers.

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